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I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord. In this updated and upgraded website, you will find materials and resources that are useful for your life and ministry. You can now PURCHASE our books online and chat with us. Kindly make maximum use of these opportunities.
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Church Growth Services Inc., as a Christian ministry was started in July 1994 by Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John. He was then pastoring a denominational Church. Prior to that time, God told him in 1984 while praying that you will do Church growth in Nigeria. He starred attending schools, both secular and theological in preparation for the fulfillment of the assignment. By 1994, which was exactly ten years later, God told him to start.

He wrote some few resources on Church growth then, mainly out of his experiences as a pastor and some little researches done. The beginning was tough.

There were lots of persecution, misrepresentation and misunderstanding both from within and outside his denominational circle. Many of his leaders were at a loss as to why the young man was hell bent on teaching Church growth in Nigeria , knowing that nobody had done such thing before in Nigeria . However, he was able to whether the storm of opposition due to his single minded approach.
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